HYTEM obtains the French Fab label

Hytem et la French Fab
Hytem and the French Fab

In order to highlight our expertise, we have joined the French Fab network.
In the end, an enhancement of our company in terms of manufacturing and product quality.

What does the French Fab label bring to HYTEM?

  • To be listed among the French manufacturers with recognized know-how;
  • To highlight our skills as a French manufacturer;
  • Emphasize the “Made In France” identity of our company;
  • Indicate that we are an innovative company.

What does the French Fab label bring to our customers?

  • Benefit from an additional guarantee of quality concerning both our manufacturing processes and our products;
  • Collaborate with a creative and innovative company;
  • Participate in the development of our territory through a 100% French player;
  • Work with a company that projects itself into the future and that is based in the territory for the long term;
  • Commit to a company focused on technological and digital evolution.

With the French Fab, HYTEM integrates a network of certified and innovative manufacturers linked by the pride of being a national and dynamic economic players.
This label justifies the excellence of our company and consolidates the trust granted by our partners.